What Should I Wear to my Boudoir Photoshoot? Rose Marie Studios – Boudoir Hamilton

Hey there lovelies! Let’s chat about what to wear for your boudoir photo session. I know many boudoir studios, mine included, offer a client wardrobe, but I want to share my take on why you shouldn’t rely on it entirely..(if at all).

First things first, – your wardrobe isn’t the be-all and end-all when it comes to a boudoir session. So please, don’t stress about it too much. No need to go on a shopping spree just for your session. I can work wonders with something as simple as an oversize button-up shirt, a comfy sweater, or even just bedsheets. All you really need is a nice fitting body suit, a beautiful bra/underwear set, and maybe an oversize sweater or button up shirt.

The most important thing is this: Only bring outfits you absolutely love and feel fabulous and comfortable in! I can’t stress this enough. I’ve had clients show up with outfits they’re not too thrilled about, saying, “I’m not sure about this one, but I’ll leave it up to you.” If you don’t feel great in it, chances are you won’t love the photos either. So, do us both a favour and leave those outfits at home.

Remember, lingerie isn’t a must-have for a boudoir shoot either. Feel free to let your creativity run wild! A form fitting dress with thigh high boots for contemporary boudoir portraits, an oversize wooley cardigan for the boudoir bedroom studio, even your favourite tank top and undies can be a great look! A simple sheet can work wonders too. The focus should be on you, not necessarily what you are wearing.

If you do decide to rock some lingerie, I highly recommend getting professionally fitted. Swing by your local lingerie boutique to make sure everything fits like a dream.

One other super important tip: Make sure your wardrobe choices are wrinkle-free, and snip off any tags from sheer items before you arrive – it’ll save time and avoid any unexpected surprises.

Lastly, for those who want an easy, low-stress, and budget-friendly wardrobe option, consider artistic nudes. It’s a beautiful and liberating choice that doesn’t require any clothing at all.

So lovelies, keep it chill, choose what you love, and let’s create some jaw-dropping boudoir photos that capture the real, beautiful you!

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